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Simultaneous Translation is the translation in which the interpreter translates into the target language as quickly as possible while the speaker is still speaking in the source language. There is a need for an equipment system for simultaneous translation. The translator hears the speaker’s words with the help of the headphones and translates them into the target language at the same time with the help of a microphone and technical system in the cabinet.

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Rather than the widespread method applied in its sector where undertaken projects are handled through arbitration, FIRAT SIMULTANEOUS TRANSLATION adopts the principle of being a primary service provider with the translators trained by the firm through long-years of professional experience and serves through this professional staff of translators. 

Translators’ satisfaction is very important for the simultaneous translation. The translator needs space to move comfortably in the cab, and the sound system setting must be very well done. The translator should be given time to adjust the microphone, headphones and system settings before the organization starts. The quality of the equipment used is very important at this point. As FIRAT SIMULTANE, we provide the necessary system equipment by using equipment system.

With our ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, we demonstrate our difference in the sector.

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As FIRAT SIMULTANEOUS, we are contributing to make different cultures to come together by offering first-hand translation, consulting and other services in languages of the world with our experience of more than 39 years.


Simultaneous translation is the type of translation that cannot be done without equipment. Therefore, a separate charge is made for the equipment. In order to offer our customers the opportunity to know the subject, we indicate our simultaneous equipment fee in the light of the following criteria.

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Time is a valuable source. Every second you spend is valuable. While, you have others handle your organizations, you make a material and nonmaterial gain, if you work with an accomplished firm. We, as FIRAT SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION EQUIPMENT SYSTEMS, meticulously follow and carry out your organization process.