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Simultaneous Equipment Pricing

Simultaneous translation is the type of translation that cannot be done without equipment. Therefore, a separate charge is made for the equipment. In order to offer our customers the opportunity to know the subject, we indicate our simultaneous equipment fee in the light of the following criteria.

  • Location of the conference or meeting
  • How long will the conference take(hourly)
  • How many speakers are there
  • How many participants will be
  • How many translators are requested
  • Which languages will be translated
  • Do you have a question and answer part
  • How many technicians are being asked
  • How many headphones are needed
  • How many cabins are in demand
  • Looking for additional equipment requests for the meeting

Simultaneous Equipment Price is deducted. When this information becomes clear, our project team and friends in our office will make a return with you in a short time.

Required Equipment for Simultaneous Translation

  1. Cabin
  2. Headset
  3. Audio System
  4. Hand-Held Radio
  5. Collar Radio
  6. Stand
  7. Display Systems
  8. Lighting System
  9. DVD Player – Archive– Navigator
  10. Finally, technicians who will install and manage this system.

All of these and your requests are met by our translation agency.